Solar Cover: Apollo GeoBubble 400

Ref. [PL-PSA465J]

Apollo 400 GeoBubble Heat Retention & Solar Cover

Heat Retention and solar gain

Heat is retained by the silver underside reflecting captive heat back into the pool. Apollo also allows a certain amount of sunlight into the pool water ensuring solar gain. These features lower heating costs when compared with a standard bubble cover.

Reduces chemical demand

Limiting the amount of light passing through the water will inhibit the growth of algae, therefore reducing the demand for pool water sanitizers.

Reduce heating costs

The vast Majority of heat loss from swimming pool water is through evaporation. Aith an Apollo 400 GeoBubble cover in place, evaporation will be dramatically reduced.

GeoBubble technology

The unique shape has been proven to withstand both chemical and UV attach. A smooth shape and uniform thickness results in an increased expected lifespan of 25% in comparison with conventional bubble covers.

Evaporation Prevention

The material reduces water losses through evaporation by working as a barrier between the water’s surface and the atmosphere. Evaporation is responsible for 70% of the heat loss from a pool due to the evaporation processes high energy requirement. To heat one gram of water 1°C it requires 1 calorie of energy as the same gram changes phase and evaporates 540 calories are consumed resulting in heat loss in the swimming pool. By simply covering the pool with the material evaporation is reduced by over 98% resulting in the preservation of the water resources and increased temperatures within the swimming pool.

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