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M7 Semi-high curved enclosure with ground guides

Ref. [Encl-Sk-M7]


All the advantages of a swimming pool enclosure in a curved model, benefiting from great maneuverability and guaranteed durability Sokool. 

Optimal integration in your external environment 

- Fully folded, semi-high enclosure can retract completely and fully release your pelvis. 
- Each element is completely independent of the other, allowing the user to choose where he wants to go to the pool 
- The facade is in 3 parts. The fixed bottom is equipped as standard with a gate opening towards the outside. 

Optimized handling for unparalleled comfort every day 

- Guide rails are fixed to the ground at the time of installation and every element has an anti-unhinging system providing perfect wind resistance. 
- The guidance of the elements on the ground makes the shelter supple with the use and allow an easy maneuver by one person. 

Safety, quality and sustainability 

- The structure of the shelter semi-high is coated aluminum 10-year warranty and certified Qualicoat 
- Filling elements is polycarbonate 8 mm thick UV treated. 
- Front and bottom are equipped with double action closures conforming to the standard NF P 90-309. 

Each element being completely independent, the user can access the pool where it wishes. Fully folded, the pool shelter can retract out of the pool if the back space is sufficient. 
The front can be raised in 1 or 2 parts. The fixed base is equipped as standard with a central sliding gate. Front and back are transparent and equipped with double action closures. Filling in 8 mm alveolar polycarbonate.

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