Komfort Small

Ref. [SE-1030276]
Cabin size:  2080 x 1580 x 2040 mm
Cabin made of solid spruce 
Solid roof element with roof rim
“Prestige” interior made of lime wood
2 benches (1 x 620 mm and 1 x 530 mm)
1 headrest
Ventilation slit
Intermediate bench panel
Heater protection grille
Floor grid
Lamp with protection without bulb
Product details:
Doors (590 x 1915 x 8 mm) left or right attachment 
Single pane safety glass element 506 x 1776 x 8 mm
3 silicon cables 5 x 2.5 mm² for sauna heater 
3 silicon cables 3 x 1.5 mm² for sauna light 
Control Unit-PRO-B2
Heater output: 100E- 6KW
20 Kg Sauna Stones
Sauna Accessories set (Bucket,Ladle,Thermometer/Hygrometer,Essence,Sand timer,Sauna rule)
Installation & delivery included.
39,599.30 AED / Unit

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