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M9 High width enclosure

Ref. [Encl-Sk-M9]


A high width telescopic pool enclosure that is curved or angular to meet the specific needs of campsites, hotels, recreation centers. 

Handling, safety and comfort of extreme use: 

- The guides of ground elements make sheltered flexible to use. 
- Mounted on a suitable low crossbar, specific bearings equip each mobile vault. High quality, they allow the perfect displacement of the different parts of the shelter whose handling remains easy. 
- The intermediate vaults are independent from one another, allowing the user to choose the place where he wishes to access the swimming pool. 
- Lifting plates are located on the lateral parts of each vault. They are divided into 2 parts, the first of a height of 1.10 m. And the other 0.95 m. Both can be raised to a height of about 1.80 meters. 
- At each end of the shelter is fixed a pinion equipped with an anti-panic door leaf 2 (equivalent to two passage units) with panic bar to 2 points and outer lock lockable outside 
- The waterproofing of the pool enclosure is ensured by EPDM seals, which guarantee protection against various pollution and the aging of the structure. 
- The structure of the shelter is coated aluminum 10-year warranty and certified Qualicoat 
- High filling elements is polycarbonate 8 mm thick UV treated.

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