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M6 Low enclosure 5 angles large widths

Ref. [Encl-Sk-M6]


All the advantages of a pool enclosure in a lowered, discreet, easy to use and durable model. 

Optimal integration in your external environment 

- Fully folded away down can retract completely and fully release your pelvis. 
- Telescopic and trackless, the pool area resumes its original charm in completely clearing your swimming beach 
- The facade is tilting for even greater ease of use, 

Optimized handling for unmatched comfort every day 

- a system of self Exclusive "anti-locking" guide linking the elements together and allows a smooth and linear movement. 
- Exclusive facade process has two functions: 
1) It switches on a horizontal axis that holds about 1 m above the ground which allows him to escape the possible obstacles such as ladders. diving boards, rollers, furniture etc ... 
2) it folds vertically and retracts against the background of the shelter, releasing maximum living space. 
- An optional remote-controlled operator can be added to this model for everyday comfort. 

Quality and durability 

- The structure of the low enclosure is coated aluminium 10 years warranty and certified Qualicoat 
- Filling elements is polycarbonate 8 mm thick UV treated. 
- The lower parts on each side of the shelter are made of transparent polycarbonate.

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