Aromatic Reed Diffuser, Alluring Gardenia 50ML

Ref. [DC-RE007GA]
DONNA CHANG Gardenia Reed Diffuser 50 ml.
About the product
Simply place reed sticks into diffuser bottle, the oil will saturate into reeds and will release the aroma into the air.
Fragrant wood stem set Smell of Gardenia 
Fragrances in the house are easy to use, just by embroidering the wicker rod and can spread the fragrance throughout the room. Made from high quality fragrances Which has been carefully selected Inhale and not dizziness And not harmful to health Used to add fragrance to the room Keep the smell soft all the time Without using lights or candles Fragrant wood stem can absorb perfume. And smelly in the room that can be closed at any time
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Essential perfume 1 bottle 50 ml. Gardenia
7 rod rattan
Made from Thailand
Product description
DONNA CHANG Aromatic Diffuser continuously and subtly scents your home or office without being too over-powering, an elegant way to fragrance your interiors with an ambience of sensuality and warmth.
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