About Us

WATERCENTER is a One Stop Shop where you can find all Wellness & Outdoor Solutions! Our experts provide you with a consultancy like no other to help you choose what is best for you.

Our Mission:

Upgrading your life through innovative Wellness & Outdoor Solutions, for your own Wellbeing

WaterCenter was created in 2013 to meet clients’ needs, with a “Pick-and-carry” concept. Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast or a business professional and are looking to improve or point your business in the right direction, the WaterCenter offers you all types of wellness solutions.

From furnishing your outdoor space or turning your pool into a safer and healthier environment, to designing your private wellness center or finding the best Residential Water and Waste Water Treatment solution; the WaterCenter provides a customizable experience to help you in choosing the best solution based on your tastes and needs. Along the way, our professional sales team will assist you to ensure a convenient and optimal choice.

WaterCenter is part of:



The Group gathers experienced professionals offering innovative water solutions to the Middle East. With over 3 decades of expertise in the industry, Al Miyah Holding stands today as a regional reference in all areas of Water & Wellness; with its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The holding’s first operation was established in 1980, and expanded with time and experience, to grow into a solid group of specialized companies.

Since its start in 1980, Eng. Khalil Boueri created a positive, young and innovative culture within the firm, coupled with highest values in terms of Trust and Care for all the stakeholders and primarily the CUSTOMER.

Because 75% of the Human Body and 71% of the Earth Surface are composed of Water, we do believe that Water is the noblest Element and we shall pursue our keen endeavors in reaching the ideal solutions for the Well-Being of people.