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Meet Watercenter

Slogan: "Wellness & Outdoor Solutions!”

Mission Statement: "Providing professional wellness & outdoor turnkey solutions supported by premium after sales service”

WaterCenter emerged naturally and straight from the need of our customers.

We felt that a big segment of our market, more precisely End-Users (Private Residential and Commercial) needed a center where they can come with their partners or Interior Designers and experience the different wellness elements in order to upgrade their life to a better wellbeing state.

Along the way, our professional sales team will assist you to ensure a convenient and optimal choice.

Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast or a business professional and are looking to improve and point your business in the right direction, the WaterCenter offers you all types of wellness solutions.

From furnishing your outdoor space or turning your pool into a safer and healthier environment, to designing your private wellness center or finding the best Residential Water and Waste Water Treatment solution; the WaterCenter provides a customizable experience to help you in choosing the best solution based on your tastes and needs. 

This concept works very well for the Hospitality sector, whereas all solutions are based on HSE (Health Safety and Environment) standards that are best suited for living a Healthy Life.